Monday, December 17, 2012

BookB - Crow's Blood

I'm on vacation!

Of course, being on vacation, that means I'm working hard on my revisions of BookB, which now has a working title: Crow's Blood.

I've revised the first 4 chapters (Chapter 3 twice!) and have thrown a progress bar on the side panel. Those are on Dropbox ready for my Alpha Readers.

I'm finding the revision process both rewarding and exhausting. There is SO MUCH to clean up with this manuscript, but as I finish each chapter and push it to my Alphas it gives me a HUGE sense of accomplishment. The feedback I've received so far has been great and it's not only helping with the chapters in question, but with the other chapters going forward as well.

I'm working in silence, which is somewhat odd for me as I usually have a sound-track when I work. Instead, I get to hear my own voice repeating and reworking sentences for hours on end, which is nowhere near as cool sounding as I'd really like you to think.

My end goal is to have this entire draft revised and edited and ready for critique by the end of January, so far I'm on track. I think the first half of my MS needs a good deal more cleaning than the second half as I was really finding my groove further into the story. With how much of a mess the first half is I'm hoping that holds true.

In other news, the wonderful @QuikChaos (AKA Mr. Fizzygrrl himself Andrew Heacock) set up a great new site at the direction of @Fizzygrrl (Summer Heacock), @WriteForApples (Dee), and a whole host of other awesome writerly types called A great new resource for writers and aspiring writers to find critique partners and beta readers.

There's even a large number of mentors on the site and a "SecretAgent" account (that I'll be stalking) run by a gaggle of Agents who may pop in and give advice from time to time.

It's fairly new and was launched just last week, but it's already a thriving and growing community and I'm very excited to see where it goes. I know I'll be a frequent visitor and an active member of the community. I hope to find some CPs there to augment my already awesome Alpha Readers.

- Grimm

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  1. Here is the difference writing & revising:

    Writing: the act of taking a main character, have them climb a tree, throw rocks at the tree-climber, then, somehow, let them back down. Once you write "the end", it is complete.

    Revising: Unlike writing, revising has no end. Therefore, it is abandoned, not completed.