Friday, November 30, 2012

Revision! Revision! Revision! (Alpha Readers!)

I had to travel on a commuter train today. I generally enjoy travelling on the train when I have to as it means I don't have to pay much attention to my surroundings. It takes all the stress of driving my commute and leaves them behind. At the same time, I get to sit on a crowded train with lots of people I don't know and their stinky sandwiches.

Focusing on the positive, it means I get to spend 2 hours (1 way) doing just about anything else, provided I have enough battery power. I spent today's train ride starting in on a clean-up pass on my book. I've run through the first 3 chapters and surprised myself at how much I cleaned up. I was either very sloppy, or my writing has vastly improved in the last 6 weeks (both are distinct possibilities).

I'm going to drop some PDFs in the Alpha Reader Dropbox for my Alphas to pick up and take a read over. I hope they'll be pleasantly surprised with what I've done, and give me hell for anything I've screwed up or dropped the ball on. I want you guys to know that I appreciate any and all feedback as long as you're honest and clear with me. I promise I won't take any of it personally (unless you target me personally :P)

I'm going to be taking at least a week or two off from daily writing related work to put some time in on some other things, that's not to say I won't be working on it at all, but it won't be every night for the next little while. I intend to have these Alpha drops fairly frequently and I'll be doing a full run through of all the chapters before going back to work on the feedback.

Let me know in the comments if you want something other than a PDF to mark up and get back to me and I'll do my best to accomodate. If you want to be an Alpha Reader, drop me a line in there as well and we'll chat.

- Grimm

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