Monday, October 8, 2012

Lessons worth learning, and Looper.

There's a blog post on another blog that I've started to follow recently, and it says some things I've taken to heart on this revision perfectly.  I won't repeat them fully here, just go read them there.

Hook Line and Sinker is kicking off, and it looks like a fantastic opportunity for some new writers.  I'm not eligible currently because I don't have a complete manuscript, but I applaud the efforts of Kat Ellis and Dee to get new writers and agents looking for writers pointed squarely at each other in such an entertaining manner.  I intend to follow the full proceedings.

My work on BookB is coming along quite well, put a full chapter to bed tonight, despite a later start (of course, that means I've got a late finish too).  This blog post isn't putting me to bed any earlier either, and it's my morning to get up and make breakfast on this fine long weekend.  Besides, I think my wife is catching this nasty sinus cold that's just starting to go away on me, and since I gave it to her, I might let her sleep in tomorrow.

One thing that keeps nagging at me is that I don't know if my chapters are standard chapter length, if such a thing exists, or a little on the short side.  Granted, Douglas Adams had a single sentence chapter in HHGTTG, but the man was a genius and could get away with damned near anything by making you laugh about it.  Never having taken any actual writing courses or spoken with an editor on the subject, I don't know what the unspoken "chapter length" rules are.  I guess I'll look into it.


So after a misfire in trying to see it last week, we got out to see it last night.  I enjoyed it a great deal in the theatre, I'm a fan of Rian Johnson's other movie Brick, and though I've yet to see The Brothers Bloom it is on my "must watch" list.

I came out of it with some confusing issues with some of its use of time travel (spoiler it's a time travel movie...).  I think it stands as a testament to the movie, its cast, cinematography, and overall plot that my brain simply won't let go of those issues and keeps trying to argue and find solutions for them.  I've almost convinced myself that all of the "issues" I had with the time travel, were in fact not issues at all and perhaps I was just too thick to catch onto the "why" of things at the time. Perhaps I have only begun to work it all out in hindsight.

Yeah, that must be it.

Regardless, critics are raving about it, my friends are raving about it, I'm raving about it and I'm arguing with my wife and myself about it.  Go see it, it's a fantastic movie!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Re. Chapter length - I'm pretty sure 2-3k is standard, although it's generally ok to make the chapter as long as it needs to be (within reason.)

    I'll be going to see Looper. I've heard mixed reports on it, so I'm glad you liked it!

    1. Thanks Kat! Around 2k is my current average per chapter. I do have certain chapters that are shorter, but they seem to work.