Monday, September 10, 2012

Settling In.

Ah... That feels good.  Just under 1000 words tonight, not the greatest pace, but better than nothing, and I'm not falling asleep at the keys.  Things have been absolutely crazy here since the last blog update.  

I've been writing, but nowhere near as much as I'd like, and as I hinted above, by the time I was done anything even remotely close to meaningful on a particular night, I just wanted to go to sleep, so the blog wasn't getting done.

This revision is progressing, wrapped up another chapter tonight, which of course will need some major rewrites, mostly in dialogue.  The point is to keep getting in there and write, whether I get 2500 words in a day, or a mere 200, it's more than I had yesterday.

I'm actually sticking fairly close to the outline on this revision, I think that's a sign that I either did a much better job fixing the previous draft (in the outline), or I'm getting more comfortable with my own outlines and learning to trust myself a bit more.  Sure, some things are changing here and there, which will require more revision, but I'm hoping every change is for the better.

Work has been incredibly busy, but some of my projects are really taking off, which is a good feeling.  Previously, I'd never had a project make it from concept to market before, they all got killed as soon as "costs" were determined, now I've got one on the market (with a reasonable amount of uptake), another that Product wants out by the end of the year (which simply won't happen with as many moving pieces as they want), and two more that should be at least in pre-production trials by mid next year.

I have people coming to me for advice and guidance, which is both incredibly satisfying, and nerve wracking.  I'll manage.

On the more personal side of things, I'm itchy, oh so terribly itchy!

You see, I'm covered in hives.  I've taken gluten out of my diet for a two week span (I'm on day 10) to determine if I'm gluten intolerant.  For some reason the inconvenience and "bubble-boy" factor that brings into my life and the lives of those around me simply isn't enough.  Somehow, some way I'm not 100% sure about, it's brought about a wonderful case of hives.  

I've had explanations from the doctor at my workplace, the one who pointed me in the direction of testing for gluten intolerance, telling me that it's a normal case of my body purging the gluten from itself, to my brother, who's gluten intolerant ("sensitive") himself, telling me it's the result of my body chemistry changing.

To be honest, I don't give a tinker's damn why, as long as it stops!  Doctor, and everyone else, says it should last around 10 days from when it started, which was on day 3 of going gluten free.  Well, unless it's a food allergy to something new that I'm eating (I can't think of anything new).

Monster's hockey season has started, first exhibition game was tonight, and she played quite well if I do say so myself (and I just did!), I brought Bear with me to give my Wife some peace and quiet to get some things done that needed doing.  Bear and I had fun goofing off and playing together in the seats while watching the game.

When last I posted, I was heartbroken over being unable to adopt the dog we were fostering.  Well, he's been moved to a long term rehabilitation facility where he's getting the care and guidance he needs in a safe environment.  I think it's for the best (still care for him though and still feel a little bit of hurt that he couldn't stay here).

My loving wife got sick of me (and herself) moping around and found a litter of puppies that was in a rescue organization.  Needless to say, she adopted a new puppy (with the help of my daughters and myself), who is coming along nicely.

He's part of why I don't seem to have as much time to write as I'd like, mostly because he's still house training which requires "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" but he's most definitely worth it. His name is Apollo, and he's integrating with our other dog Sadie, and the two cats, Mal and Silver, quite well.

That reminds me, going to take him for a quick walk before bed.


- Grimm

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