Tuesday, September 25, 2012

About that Character Building

Yeah, so normally if a scene doesn't have action or something "cool" going on, I find it feels a lot like work to get it done.  That scene I've been working on, the Character scene, would generally fit that bill perfectly.

Somehow it didn't, and I got seriously carried away.  So carried away in fact that it ended up doing TOO much all at once and moved certain relationships further along at far too early a point in the plot.  Not to mention that it ended up six times the average length of a chapter so far O.o

It's supposed to be taboo to edit before you're done writing, but anyone who's followed or read back in this blog will know that I do so regularly (though admittedly far less now than I used to).  Despite that, I got the scissors out and excised some of the character building chapter for re-use later and cleaned up a bit more of it, ensuring that one of the characters would act more in line with where their arc would be at that point.  This writing thing can be hard when you get carried away.

I spent a fair bit of my writing time this evening cleaning up and closing gaps in the outline, fleshing out some of the side story and side characters so they wouldn't feel too flat.  I think that part of it is coming along nicely.  However, I'm trying to keep the number of main viewpoint characters to 3 (because I am most definitely NOT George R. R. Martin) and parts of my outline weren't reflecting that very clearly.  That's been tidied up and will no longer be a problem.

The Word Counter is being kept up to date even on days where I don't update my blog.  I'm still trying to write every day, even if it's just touching up the Outline or squeezing in a few paragraphs or minor thought tangents between meetings at work.

While I'm currently not banging out 2K words a day, I am forever creeping forward.

- Grimm

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