Saturday, July 21, 2012

I had a nap.

So, a few nights without blogging.

Thursday I didn't write, instead I watched The Dark Knight with my oldest daughter (Monster) and my dear wife.  Friday night I did write, and didn't stop until I was too tired to be bothered to blog.  For that I apologize, I know how much my adoring public waits with bated breath for these updates.

I had a bit of a stylistic inspiration while writing Friday night, and I hope it works out.  I'm not sure I can carry it through this revision, as I'm just trying to get the plot and story working cohesively on this run through. That effort involves reconstructing a lot of scenes or simply creating them from scratch.  I've highlighted the section in my revision document as something I'd like to come back to and experiment with on the next pass to see if it fits the tone I want.  I think it will.

The title says I had a nap, and I did.  It's not something I do regularly, but I've been feeling so tired the last few days that I didn't think I'd be able to write at all tonight without one, so after getting my youngest daughter (Bear) into bed, I set an alarm and had a little lay-down myself.

I woke feeling groggy and cranky when the alarm went off.  It really didn't help in any way shape or form.  Still, I had committed tonight to writing, so I set everything up and got to writing (I'm such a good little boy, I deserve a cookie).

I spent this evening writing the next scene and a half, which is really 2 full scenes from one character perspective, but the viewpoint switches half-way through the second scene to another character, and as I'm sticking with the one character for now to keep the feel consistent I cut it off there.

So far so good on that front.

More tomorrow night!


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