Monday, July 23, 2012

Alpha Readers?


Did a good stretch of writing today, and expanding some of my outline points nicely tying up a sub-plot.  Got about 3/4 through a very important scene, of course, I haven't touched the most important part of the scene yet, I'm getting too tired to do it justice and I don't want to mess it up.

So, the title says "Alpha Readers?" I wonder if that caught anyone's attention?  Here's what I'm looking for in an Alpha Reader.  Someone who:

  • is willing to take this on as a bit of work and return comments in a timely manner
  • isn't going to worry about spelling and grammar
  • can deal with horrible early drafts and not hate it. 
  • doesn't mind reading little bits of a story without the whole story
  • doesn't mind reading a story in a disjointed out of order state
  • isn't just looking for a preview
  • realizes this is a work of love for me, even if it sucks :P (a lot of it is tripe at this point, that's what revising is for)
  • is willing to give me real feedback, not suggestions on how to fix it though, just what's broken.

Basically, I'm looking for someone who can help me make sure scenes make sense, dialog flows nicely, and characters are believable.  I don't need help with spelling and grammar (most of that will be corrected in later drafts, speed is too important right now to get caught up in all the little crap).  I'm trying to sort out style and voice, and make sure my plot and sub-plots work in the end.

What you get for being an Alpha Reader?  Well, you get my never-ending thanks (and possibly a call-out on an acknowledgements page if it ever gets published), and yes, you do get a preview of a book so early in it's inception that it may be entirely different and you may hate it by the time it's done :D

I'll be connecting with my Alpha Readers privately, who you are will never be made public until/unless the book is published and I have your permission to do so.  I will arrange to get you PDF versions of individual chapters in various states of disarray, which you can mark up with questions and comments and return to me.  I'm new to this, so this will be a learning process on its own.

You have the option to back out of being an Alpha Reader at any time without any hard feelings.  Just thought I'd put that in there.  I can't be angry at someone if they bail out of some hard work they're not required to do for me as a favour.  That's what it is, a favour.  I can't pay you anything but gratitude (and possibly the occasional cookies or tea if you live close enough).

Of course, if I don't get any Alpha Readers, I'll just soldier on until I need Beta Readers, but that may take a while.

- Grimm

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  1. Hey bro, you can count on me to be as hard on you as I would myself.