Tuesday, November 1, 2011


No, that's not some obscure code in the title. It's (Inter)National Novel Writing Month which is run via a website with a LOT of wonderful Author support. I haven't decided whether I'll do a full rewrite or whip up something new for NaNoWriMo but I intend to put some serious work into it. I've registered, I'm going to find some local groups (hopefully find a good writing group for outside of November as well), and see what this thing shakes out to be.

I've been pretty stalled lately, the paying job has eaten up a LOT of time and energy lately, but some major milestones have been reached and a fair bit of the pressure is off. I'm going to spend this evening going over my old outlines and notes, and attempting to keep the grimaces and flat out disgust at what I've written to a minimum. It is an incomplete first draft after all. Let's see where this train takes us.

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