Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plots within Plots

I'm having a good time writing BookB. I'm thoroughly enjoying the process, though I'm not getting as much pushed out per day/week/month as I'd like, I'm progressing at least. I'm not sure I'll meet my Dec 31st deadline for a readable draft, but I do intend to give a good go at it.

I've started fleshing out the early scenes of the story, and in doing so and getting more comfortable with some of the characters I'm tweaking and adjusting my outline to fit in more side-story. I often wonder if my process is vastly different from the writers I look up to or whether some of their stories go through similar creative iterations.

Do professional writers just hatch out full-on stories ever? Or is it always a process of changes and tweaks I wonder. Either way, this is what's sort of working for me, and I imagine I'll get more of a clean process the more I do. Right now this is just a real voyage of discovery for me, and I'm enjoying the ride.

Now if only I could manage to get a good clean night's sleep and have a night where I can write without all the little distractions I give myself. I guess those are parts of my process I have to work on.

Anyway, I've got some humour, some good emotion, and I think tonight I wrote a wonderfully awkward scene for a few of my characters.

Alright, sleep time.

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