Saturday, July 17, 2010


Alright, I don't know if it's a bad sign, but I've almost hit a block on my first blog post. Figures.

Well, how about an introduction? I'm 31 and currently employed working R&D/Strategy for a cable MSO. I have a fantastic wife and 2 daughters who don't think I'm crazy (most of the time).

It's always been my dream to be a writer. Well, almost always! I went through the usual boyhood dreams of being a police officer, a fireman, an art thief (still have that dream on occassion), and I'd love to make a living at it. Writing, not grand theft, though, I do still daydream.

I have so many ideas bumbling about in my head, crashing into each other, bouncing off and going about their merry way and at some point I want to get them out there, not because I think they're brilliant or amazing, or even what the world wants to read. You see, if I don't get them out, they won't go away. They keep me up at night, adding little tidbits to my notes (and boy do I have lots of those).

The catch is, they have to hit critical mass for me to take them beyond notes and into the realm of an actual narrative, and writing that narrative seems to take a bit more discipline than I've been able to muster. Between work, family, World of Warcraft (my personal guilty pleasure), and keeping up on my own reading, all my writing thus far has happened in little fits and starts.

Back in highschool I wrote a short story (60 or so pages) and it was a monumental achievement for me, it was the start of the dream. 60 pages! It seemed huge! Now I have nearly that just in outline and character notes. I think that's nearly critical mass for that story right there. So that's what this blog is going to be, not the story, but a place for me to vent. A place for me to unwind, track, and hopefully keep myself on track to getting this thing done.

You see, I've found that keeping others aware of what I'm doing, and my percieved weight of their expectations helps keep things going. I probably over-value what others think of me and my work. I'm going to use that as a motivator.

Anyway, pushed the first blog post out. It's a mess, but I can't exactly get an editor for blog posts, and they'll tend to ramble and go off topic, much like this closing. I expect they'll get better the more comfortable I get writing them.

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