Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Concerning Timelines

Timelines are very important to planning a story (I think... well, they seem important to me). Some of today was spent nailing down several aspects of the timeline leading up to the introduction of the main characters. Worldbuilding if you will, though, this being BookA, is science fiction (with as little fiction to the science as I can possibly muster without having it BORING!), so it's not so much world"building" as world"expanding".

I chalked up about 3000 words of point form setting up a chronological series of events to go from a "now" that's slightly further down the road than "now" to "then" when the main characters' stories begin.

It was an interesting exercise, and will be the opening of the book. Originally meant to just be a prologue, I may have to transform it into a full first act! There's so much substance and emotion I want to dig into in those 3000 words.

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