Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Movie List (Updated)

I keep a movie list on the site, ranking theatrically released movies I've seen through a calendar year. 2013 is now locked in (and there are still 2013 movies I'd like to see) and 2014's list has begun.

Have a quick peek and let me know if I missed any major movies coming out in 2014 (that you think would fit my tastes based on the lists that are there).

A quick note on my number 1 movie of 2013: Pacific Rim
It wasn't the most plausible story. Giant physics defying robots fighting giant physics defying monsters. It required a good deal of suspension of disbelief, which is something I'm quite adept at (thank you Star Wars and Star Trek). There were plot holes (though not any showstoppers). There was some scenery chewing (looking at you Idris Elba and Max Martini) but it was AWESOME scenery chewing.

But here's the point: I had a BLAST watching it (IMAX 3D helped I'm sure). It was quite simply the most fun I've had watching a movie in theatres in a LONG time (and I see a LOT of movies in theatres that are good fun). I got invested in the characters and their struggles. That's what it takes to make #1.

Happy New Year, let's make 2014 fun.

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