Monday, October 22, 2012

A nice day for writing.

Ah, I got to sleep in today, which was nice.

We dropped the kids off at my in-laws last night and went to see Seven Psychopaths. It was a fantastic movie and made #2 on my Movie List for the year.  If you saw and liked In Bruges (and you really really should), then you'll love Seven Psychopaths.  Conversely, if you've seen Seven Psychopaths and liked it, check out In Bruges.  Colin Ferrel plays a screenwriter suffering from writers block, and the character is written and acted superbly.

After the kids got home we went to hockey practice, where I backed my car into someone's van and left a note.  They seemed reasonably pleasant when they called me, hopefully it doesn't cost a small fortune to repaint a bumper.  Still, there was no screaming or swearing on the phone.

I spent my first hour of writing time helping my oldest daughter with homework (computer problems were slowing her down), then sent her off to bed.

Needless to say, when I sat down to write with my cup of tea it was nice and relaxing and exactly what I needed.  I've written just over 3000 words in 2 hours.

Tonight I pushed this draft into the Third Act, crossing that barrier in the space of roughly a chapter and a half where my protagonist goes from constantly reacting to the world around him to being proactive.  It'll need some cleaning for sure, but I think I've pulled it off convincingly where character motivation is concerned.

Hook Line and Sinker enters into its Third Round tomorrow morning, I can't wait to see how the YA section goes.  I've been following it closely and it's getting down to the most thrilling part (for me anyway).  I hope to see some fantastic "I found an Agent through #HLandS" stories in the coming weeks.  I always love to read those.  It gives me hope.

Well, it's past midnight here, and I have to commute to work in the morning, so I should trundle off to bed. Yes, I trundle when I'm tired.

- Grimm

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