Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little at a time.

Piece by piece, bit by bit, BookB is coming along.

As promised I went over last night's work tonight, and luckily it wasn't complete tripe and got to stay. There were a few rough spots that needed tidied and words that needed added and subtracted, but that sort of stuff is always pretty simple.  Besides, that's what copy passes are for, and I'm not due for those for another revision or six.

I completed the scene, retouched how the conflict at the end is done, and wrote another scene on after it.  Now, a section of the previous revision that was 4 pages and really really rough, is closer to 40 pages and starting to feel a little more like something readable.

For those not aware, I'm doing my writing on a MacBook Pro lately, I'm not much of a fan of Apple and their products, with their closed eco-systems and "don't overthink it" mentality.  It's my work machine, and it certainly serves the needs of a writing machine, mostly because it's small and quiet, with a decent screen, and a simply wonderful backlit keyboard.  Most importantly, it can't play any of the games I want to play.  So I get more writing done.

One thing I've truly missed (I have Word and Chrome and WinAmp all handy in Mac versions), is the Everchanging Book of Names, which means any time I have to add a new character, or discard an old character and combine them with another etc.  I have a hard time with their damnable names.

I've got a system and an etymology set up for names, but in EBoN it was a simple matter of building a rule set and letting it generate something close, which I would then modify to suit my mood.  Now, I have to start from scratch.  Really, I just wanted to whine a bit there.

I'm still enjoying the "work", even though it's taking considerably longer than I thought it would, but when you only have an hour or two a night, after your job, family, and kids, all while still neglecting to spend much time with your beloved, it's simply going to take more time.

I have to live with that.

- Grimm

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