Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back at it.

After a refreshing 3 days off writing, I'm back at it.  Spent a few hours this evening touching up my outline and making a fair bit of notes.  I've got fairly tight outlines for the next 15 chapters, which should put me right up against the main climax of BookB.  Once I get through that, and figure out exactly how things will come down on the far side I'll start revision and rewriting.  

You see, I've got a pretty good Outline of 10,000 words or so that I've been working from, and it goes up to the climax of the story (actually, I worked some major points backwards from here in the outline), and covers the basics of what happens there, but it doesn't go beyond, into the aftermath, because I want to finish fleshing out the characters and getting to know them as I write the first draft of the story, so the post-climax fallout doesn't lack the emotional punch I'd like it to have.

As for the revision and rewriting, well, I have to back-fill a lot of details and descriptions, rewrite  a fair bit of the first half of what I've written to take some of those revisions through the whole book, and of course, I have to flesh out the side characters and side plots which I've just sketched in the skeletons for up to this point, since I've been focused on the main arc.

All told I actually wrote about 1200 words tonight, which doesn't quite meet the quota I'd like to keep myself to, but it's good enough for the first night back after my little break :)

- Grimm

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