Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writing Priority

I'm considering myself on contract with my potential readers. I intend to hold up my end of the deal and have been working to take my writing more seriously and dedicate more time to it. I'm trying to form the habit of writing, which can be quite tricky to do in a house full of people while they aren't all sleeping.

I've nearly completely stopped playing World of Warcraft, not specifically because of writing, but I do find that I get a lot of the enjoyment that I used to get playing from writing. The magic allure of the game just doesn't seem to be there so much any more. I'll log in from time to time, more to be social than to actually play it. Don't get me wrong, it's still a fantastic game and the stories in it are marvelous, I'm just having a much richer experience with a word processor at the moment. My subscription to World of Warcraft is set to not renew in mid March just before I go on my work trip to London England. I'm back from England for a week before I head on vacation, so I may not renew til mid to late April, if then.

I've been going to the gym on a nearly daily basis, it's in the office I work my paying job out of, so I clearly can't go on days that I'm not in the office, but for the past three weeks I've gone a minimum of 4 days a week. And I'm keeping fairly active and stretching on the days I'm not in the gym. I find I have more energy on the days I work out than I do on the days I don't. I also spend a lot of my gym time thinking about writing. You know, when I'm not thinking "just a little more", or "i think i'm dying", or "damn i'm out of shape" during the various exercises. Still, it feels good.

I've been attempting to put in at least 2 hours a day, and I'm aiming for about 500 words an hour that I can live with. I often write about 900 words an hour, but only keep 500 of them, so it's working out.

What I'm writing is still very rough work for BookB and will require several revisions before I'm happy enough with it to let anyone see it. It has to have some detail added, stilted dialog knocked on it's ass, and flow cleaned up. I think it's more important to tell the story just now, then make it, you know, enjoyable and complete as the next process.

All in all, i'm loving writing. I may never get published, but it's not as much about the destination as it's about enjoying the journey.

That's not to say i don't want to be published though ;)


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