Sunday, February 20, 2011

Speaking of Dialog

Lots of dialog written today. It's definitely going to need some polishing and cleaning. Currently it's mostly the dialog itself without many tags or descriptors to flesh it out. I was just trying to get the flow and pacing right. I'm going to have to seriously come back to some of these story elements and tweak and retouch them, today's dialog almost got away from me and went off on a tangent. Not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly not a good thing when trying to stick to an outline.

I'm still nailing about 1200 words a sitting, then giving myself a break by rereading what I've written and trying to not be disgusted with some of it.

Quite the eventful day, Monster won the third hockey game of her first round of Playoffs, eliminating the other team and moving onto the next round. She's turning into quite the solid little Goaltender. She stopped 3 break-away's cold in their tracks. I'm quite proud of her.

Back on the subject of dialog. My youngest daughter, Bear (I assure you, that's a nickname, we wouldn't shackle our child with such a moniker) has begun the "Why?" phase of toddler-hood. For those not familiar, out of the 6 of you who actually read this blog on occassion, when I spam you with the link, the "Why?" phase is where the little darling answers every instruction, request, or statement with "Why?".

The key is that they actually expect an answer, and will not be satisfied with something as banal as "Because I bloody well said so!", which has been known to work quite well with tweens and teenagers alike. Nope, this little 2 year old cherub actually requires an answer. Lately I find myself having to think of "why" I ask her to do things far more than is comfortable.

"Bear, it's time for bed."


"Well, because, um, you're tired, and I'm tired and we'll both be a lot less grumpy if you go to bed now."

"Ok. Nite nite Daddy."

Nite nite indeed.


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