Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh yeah! I'm supposed to blog!

So, it turns out i'm fairly rubbish at keeping my blog updated. Good thing I'm not having as much trouble keeping on track with writing. It can be quite hard to find time to write these days. I've gotten a promotion at work, and another one seems imminent, and I've been getting bigger and bigger projects to work on. I'm currently acting as a lead architect on something I can't talk about. Yet i still find time to write (just not so much for blogging).

I've passed over control of my World of Warcraft guild to one of my Officers, and a good friend. He'll handle things his way, and that's fine by me. I needed to remove the sense of responsibility i felt for other people's enjoyment of the game. That's opened up a fair bit of writing time lately. I'm more in the "meat" of writing now. The outline is long complete (though it does get updated and altered sometimes) and I'm steadily working on and improving my style (i hope). Now I'm concentrating on telling the actual story, you know, making it exciting to read and trying to get it to flow from outline plot point to outline plot point without going off on dreadfully long tangents.

I don't get as much written on a daily basis as I like, and I don't necessarily get any work done on a daily basis, but if you spread it out, i'm averaging about 750 words a day. Not a bad pace, though I do hope it improves as I get more comfortable with the actual work of writing.

Anyway, It's past midnight and I'm on my 4th day with little sleep and a wee one who's just now getting over a bad chest cold (just in time for her 2nd birhday party tomorrow). So off to bed with me.

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